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Rivista storica nata nel secondo dopo-guerra

A cura della Fondazione Michele Maccarrone

La «Rivista di storia della Chiesa in Italia», che ha superato ormai i settant'anni di vita, fu promossa nel 1947 dall’allora giovane professore della Pontificia Università Lateranense, Michele Maccarrone, con l’appoggio di due insigni maestri, Hubert Jedin e Pio Paschini.

Essa si prefiggeva l'obiettivo di inserire nel panorama storiografico italiano ed internazionale un periodico rivolto precipuamente alla ricerca e allo studio della presenza storica della Chiesa in Italia, che rispondesse a criteri di rigore scientifico e che si ponesse in dialogo con la moderna storiografia.

Nel tempo la Rivista ha dedicato la sua attenzione alle più varie articolazioni della storia della Chiesa, dai primi secoli all'età contemporanea, adeguando nel tempo i suoi interessi e i suoi orientamenti al progredire degli studi storici. Essa si articola in varie rubriche - articoli, note e documenti, rassegne, recensioni e cronache - che offrono la possibilità agli studiosi di esaminare tematiche particolari, di pubblicare documenti importanti e significativi, di discutere tesi storiografiche e di presentare convegni.

Fin dall'inizio la Rivista ha pubblicato una bibliografia sistematica ed aggiornata della ricerca storica riguardante la Chiesa in Italia, distribuita cronologicamente e per regioni. Essa costituisce, nel suo insieme, un materiale bibliografico ingente, che supera le cinquantamila unità.

Il periodico pubblica in varie lingue, soprattutto italiano, francese, inglese, ma anche spagnolo e tedesco; è largamente diffuso anche all'estero.

La Fondazione “Monsignor Michele Maccarrone per la storia della Chiesa in Italia”, riconosciuta come persona giuridica con decreto ministeriale, è proprietaria del periodico e offre alla Rivista un indispensabile supporto giuridico ed economico.

I contributi presentati a «Rivista di storia della Chiesa in Italia» sono valutati, in forma anonima, da studiosi competenti per la specifica disciplina (‘double-blind peer review’).

ISSN carta: 0035-6557
ISSN digitale: 1827-790X

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Appunti sul Capitolo cattedrale di Parma dalle origini alla fine del XII secolo
di Giacomo Campagna pagine: 38 € 6,00
Among the various dignities mentioned in the documentation, the provost (for administrative aspects) and the magiscola emerged for their importance. The essay analyses the introduction of common life, the social composition of  the chapter and its relations entertained with external powers, in particular the bishop of Parma. Although the sources do not allow a precise prosopography of the canons to be drawn up, the social and political relevance of the  chapter clearly emerges.
Infanticidio e stregoneria nell’ultimo Bernardino da Siena: note sul quaresimale padovano del 1443
di Vincenzo Tedesco pagine: 24 € 6,00
The essay aims to study the homiletic activity of Bernardino of Siena in its later form, through the analysis of the Paduan lenten of 1443, reported by Daniele da Porcìa and rewritten by Fra Girolamo da Venezia. It is a text which is  still unpublished and mostly neglected by historiography. The homilies of 1443 constitute a perfect sylloge of the mature thought of the Tuscan friar and, in particular, the n. 27 of the collection, entitled Exortatio iustorum ad  patientiam, sheds light on what pertains to the closely interconnected themes of infanticide and witchcraft, on which Bernardino had often insisted in the past. The resumption of these arguments after some time and their  readaptation to the new context show to what extent he has become the spokesman of the most recent instances of learned debate, proposing them to his audience through adequate considerations and exempla.
«Ad peccatum mortale». Nuove riflessioni sulla regola di Chiara, le clarisse e i frati minori osservanti negli anni 1445-1447
di Francesco Carta pagine: 28 € 6,00
The contribution reconstructs a key event for understanding the fifteenth-century origins of Franciscan female observance. It deals with a legal case that arose around the desire of the Poor Clares of Corpus Christi in Mantua to  observe the Rule of Clare of Assisi in the correct way, distinguishing within it the norms that obliged under grave sin, the precepts, and others endowed with a less rigid obligation, the counsels. The article analyses the answers  provided by John of Capistran, Niccolò of Osimo, Heinrich Kalteisen and Pope Eugene IV and puts forward some new hypotheses on the texts, on the affair as a whole and on its subsequent outcomes. It shows, finally, what was at  stake behind the request of the Poor Clares, highlights their role in promoting and rejecting the legal reflection of the observant friars and highlights the will of the latter and the Roman Curia in directing the reform of the female  monasteries.
Bonino Mombrizio: Umanista, Editore, Agiografo
di Serena Spanò Martinelli, Michela Ventriglia pagine: 22 € 6,00
In the first section, Serena Spanò Martinelli paints a picture of 15th century Milanese multi-facets writer Mombrizio. His various cultural interests, ranging from philology, to poetry, to history, side-to-side, sided with his activity as a  civil servant for the Sforza government. He became increasingly aware of the potential of the newly invented press technology: his studies peak in the Sanctuarium, the first hagiographic collection directly designed for the press. In the second section, Michela Ventriglia recalls the documents relating to Mombrizio preserved in the Archivio di Stato of Milan and she publishes his will in full. This was known, but its contents, written in challenging notary writing,  had not been analysed. It reveals someone different from the scholar that he projected in his writings: a caring father and husband, a wealthy citizen allocating funds to Ospedale Nuovo and to Fabbrica del Duomo, showing close links with the recent institutions of Observant Mendicant Friars.
La congregazione di Santa Giustina di fronte ai gesti di liberalità
di Luca Ceriotti pagine: 18 € 6,00
The article aims to recognize some considerable features of the attitude with which, during the centuries of the Early Modern Age, the Congregation of the Benedictine Observance of Santa Giustina, then Cassinese, and the  monasteries that were part of it used to face the event of receiving bequests, donations and other fruits of private generosity. The overall picture that emerges is that of an organization which, thanks also to the freedom of decision  made possible by its patrimonial robustness, often chose to renounce the immediate material advantages that could have derived from this munificence, favoring instead the development a solid network of relationships, to which to  appeal in cases of more serious need.
I procuratori delle cattedrali del viceregno del Perù a Roma (sec. XVI-XVIII). Prospettive di ricerca
di Flavia Tudini pagine: 26 € 6,00
Between the 16th and 18th centuries, the papal Curia and the city of Rome welcomed numerous agents representing bishops and archbishops, church councils or religious orders. They travelled to Rome to attend the general  congregations of religious orders, to request papal briefs and bulls, to represent distant bishops on ad limina visits or to promote the causes of beatification and canonization of first American saints. The analysis of the role of the  procurators of religious orders and American cathedrals is part of the most recent historiography, which has shown a renewed interest in the figure of the agent in the context of the government of the Hispanic monarchy. However,  within this lively historiographical debate, the question of American agents in the papal curia has only been partially addressed. This contribution presents some results of an ongoing research on the different types of agents and  procurators of the cathedrals of the Viceroyalty of Peru in the papal Curia and in the urban space of the Eternal City.
Riformare ma non troppo. La Repubblica di Venezia e le feste religiose nel Settecento
di Luca Sandoni pagine: 33 € 6,00
In the second half of the 18th century the problem of too many religious holidays seemed to haunt governments and reformers throughout most of Italy, who tried in every way to reduce them in order to improve the efficiency of  their economies. Even in Venice the question was discussed since the late 1740s, but it took several decades, many debates and failed attempts and a long struggle with Rome, before a drastic reform of the religious calendar could  be enacted (1787). This article aims to reconstruct this complex affair, replacing it in the political- religious climate of Italy at the time, investigating the reasons of those who supported or criticized the reduction of holidays, and the  multiple causes that made this reform so complicated in the territories of the Serenissima.


Die Edition der Jahrgänge 3 und 15 der Register Papst Innozenz‘ III.
di Martin Bertram pagine: 7 € 6,00
pagine: 33 € 6,00

L’universalità del papato medievale (sec. VI-XIII). Nuove prospettive di ricerca, a cura di Sabrina Blank - Caterina Cappuccio (Pietro Silanos) Eernst-Dieter hehl, Gregor VII. und Heinrich IV. in Canossa 1077. Paenitentia – absolutio – honor (Paul Oberholzer) Epistole et dictamina Clementis pape quarti. Das Spezialregister Papst Clemens’ IV. (1265-1268), heraugegeben von Matthias Thumser (Fulvio Delle Donne) Paolino Veneto storico narratore e geografo, a cura di Rorerta Morosini - Marcello Ciccuto (Maria Teresa Dolso) Margherita Orsero, L’âge d’or del Camposanto di Pisa. Pittura e committenza nella prima metà del Trecento (Jacopo Paganelli) Querciolo Mazzonis, Riforme di vita cristiana nel Cinquecento italiano (Alessandra Bartolomei Romagnoli) Luca Al Sabbagh - Daniele Santarelli - Herman H. Schwedt - Domizia We-Ber, I giudici della fede. L’Inquisizione romana e i suoi tribunali in età moderna (Martina Gargiulo) Ulrich L. Lehner, The inner life of Catholic Reform. From the Council of Trent to the Enlightenment (Emma Ferrari) L’Ostpolitik vaticana, l’Unione Sovietica e la Chiesa ortodossa russa (1945-1978), a cura di Johan Ickx (Paolo Valvo)

pagine: 104 € 6,00
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