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Il declino di una grande abbazia: San Clemente a Casauria nel basso Medioevo digital
Anno: 2012
The decline of the ancient Benedictine abbey of St Clement of Casauria, like that one of the other big abbeys in the southern Italy, increased due to the general political instability, the fi scal system during the Angevin Age and the pressure of a new French-Provencal feudalism settled in the Abruzzi, after the conquest of Charles I of Anjou in 1266. The comparison with the events of the close Cistercian abbey of St Mary of Casanova, through the reading of the documents preserved also thanks to the transcriptions made by the Abruzzi’s scholars in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries, shows the difficulties faced by the ancient Benedictine settlement during the early Angevin Age. Hardhit by the earthquake of 1348 and committed to the government of commendatory abbots unconcerned with its fate, the abbey of Casauria lost any political and economic role by the end of Medieval Age.
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