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Federico Zuliani

Libri dell'autore

I contrasti tra Vergerio e Mainardo circa un catechismo riformato per la Valtellina (1553) digital
formato: Articolo | RIVISTA DI STORIA DELLA CHIESA IN ITALIA - 2015 - 1
Anno: 2015
Pier Paolo Vergerio, who had originally planned to head towards Germany, in early 1550 decided to settle down in Vicosoprano, where he became the local Reformed minister. This article focuses on the opposition of the local Reformed population to Vergerio, obbliged to leave the Grisons in 1553, and it casts light on one specifi c episode: the publication of a catechism that provoked the harsh reaction of Agostino Mainardo, who at the time was the Reformed minister of Chiavenna. The main problem concerned the illustration of the doctrine of the Eucharist...
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