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Marianna Cipriani

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Familia ideale e familia reale: il vescovo di Verona Ermolao Barbaro e i suoi uomini (1453-1471) digital
Anno: 2012
The familia of the bishop of Verona Ermolao Barbaro, who was personally and authoritatively active in his diocese’s government (1453-1471), played a significant role in support of the action of the bishop. Characterized by the near absence of relatives and fellow countrymen and highly qualifi ed under the cultural and human profile, the set of the bishop’s familia appears composite, dynamic and open to the recruitment of men from different extraction and origin. The not many men from Verona who joined the familia distinguished themselves for their prominent positions and were recruited among those who, for various reasons, could provide a solid anchor to Barbaro with the infl uential chapter of canons and with the town ruling class. The bishop’s entourage members, both the collaborators who assisted the bishop in the institutional tasks, and the ecclesiastics in charge of the service in his chapel, were largely rewarded with benefits that Barbaro easily obtained from the heap of diocesan benefits.
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