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Marcello Semeraro

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Magnifici sette. L’emblematica zoomorfa di Santa Croce a Lecce digital
Anno: 2022
This essay provides an alternative interpretation on the architectural elements supporting the balcony adorning the façade of the basilica of Santa Croce in Lecce, the most important example of the local baroque style. Whereas the decoration of the façade was completed in 1646, the realization of the balcony dates to an uncertain period starting from 1582, but there is a lack of fully documented sources on its iconographic design...
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Una committenza di Goffredo I di Charny, il «Cavaliere della Sindone», in Santa Maria del Casale digital
Anno: 2018
This essay analyzes, and attributes, a heraldic fresco, until now anonymous, painted in the church of Saint Mary of Casale in Brindisi, one of the most fascinating medieval monuments in Puglia. A detailed intersection of data taken from historical and heraldic sources (books of arms and seals) has made it possible to identify some of the coats of arms depicted in this work and to explain the context of their origin...
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